Real-time, fast and always up to date – Check your KPIs where ever you are.

Dashboard Pro gives you fast access to your Google Analytics data – whenever you want no matter where you are. Whether you’re in a meeting, waiting at the bus stop or enjoying your vacation on the beach – check your website performance in real-time on your iPhone or iPad. With the right metrics on your dashboard, it takes less than five seconds to be up to date regarding your conversions, revenues or visits.

Individual goals – Monitor your performance and success.

Having online success means not only monitoring visits, visitors or page views. Add your custom conversions to your Dashboard Pro so that you can monitor e.g. newsletter subscriptions, job applications, incoming online orders or your website revenue. The app even allows for setting targets for your KPIs (e.g. target 100 conversions per day), so that you see in red or green whether or nor you’re on track reaching your goals for today, this week or this month.

Website Performance Index – One single number for your overall performance.

Even a single dashboard can contain a bunch of information. This is why Dashboard Pro goes one step further: it calculates your overall “Website Performance Index” based on your key performance indicators and shows in just one single number your current website performance! Comparable to a stock index like NASDAQ or Dow Jones you get an immediate feeling for the health of your online business. The key to success is weighting your KPIs regarding their importance compared to each other (e.g. a conversion shall be 50 times more important than a simple visit). Dashboard Pro also allows for that.

Drilldown to over 90 reports – all details at your fingertips.

Having a quick overview of the important metrics is one thing. Getting the right details for answering upcoming questions is another one. Dashboard Pro quickly drills down to more than 90 Google Analytics reports. So knowing from which country most converting visitors are coming from is just a matter of seconds. The reports include most of the known Google Analytics reports like e.g. browsers, cities, mobile devices, new vs. returning, referrals, search key words, adWords, content pages, events or even custom variables.

Segmentation – for a fast and professional in depth analysis

Segmentation is a key tool for a professional in-depth analysis – and it can’t be made easier than this: Select a KPI on the dashboard screen and Dashboard Pro will automatically segment all reports by this one. So identifying the most converting search keywords, the campaign with the highest ecommerce revenue, or the number of orders via mobile devices is just a matter of a few taps. Of course, also your Google Analytics built-in and custom segments can be applied with a few taps. This makes Dashboard Pro to an extremely powerful app for any management or business people.

Beyond Google Analytics – target values and comparison chart .

Google Analytics is great, and Dashboard Pro has even some more powerful features: One of them is tracking target values for your goals or main metrics. Define your daily or weekly targets and you’ll see at one glance whether or not you’re on track reaching them. Or, compare your bounce rate, avg. visit duration and new visits of your best performing countries to each orther – that has never been that easy. A black or white theme makes your data look awesome on every iPhone or iPad.

What users say about Dashboard Pro.

The dashboard app has been downloaded over a 350’000 times and has a top rating in the app store. Some people call it «best in class» for Google Analytics, so check out what our users are saying about Dashboard Pro!

Dashboard for Google Analytics.
Download the free version of Dashboard for Google Analytics. You can then upgrade to Dashboard Pro from inside the app.

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For a limited number of metrics and charts the app is available for free – and can be upgraded from inside the app to the Pro edition (including all the described features). Try it out and start today!

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